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Our Web Design Agency in Lebanon

At Besiders, our creative department for web design in Lebanon is composed of dedicated web designers and experts.

Through our 19 years of web design expertise, knowledge and cost effectiveness, we have successfully served a broad range of business needs. As an experienced web design company, we can help you create an engaging cutting-edge web design that will deliver improved return on investment.

Our web designers are among the best in Lebanon and could cater the needs of Lebanese, Arab and possible clients from all around the world, looking for a professional reputable image.

We provide strategies which allow users to navigate a website easily, integrating clear and readable navigation.

Our creative department knows the value of website design and will design, maintain, and promote your website to help you achieve your goals.

Maintenance plans will ensure your website is safe and up to date.

We Design Websites that Build Brands

Web design at our company isn’t just about making our clients’ brand look good but how their audience experience their brand.  Besiders is a Lebanon-based company specialized in web design & development, mobile Apps, eCommerce solutions, SEO and Branding for any business. We work with organizations of all sizes from start-ups to already well-established companies. We study our clients audience very carefully to learn about their needs and expectations.

Steps to start a new web design for your company in Lebanon.

Here are the steps you would need to follow to start a new design for your company in Lebanon.

Designing a website is a big thing for any organization and when we are the ones designing it, the pressure can become higher due to tight deadlines, limited resources sometimes and different partners opinions.

Based on our experience, and we’ve worked on so many web designs here in Lebanon, we have gathered a great deal of information about what the local businesses look for when building  their online image.

Although, it is a tiny country, the work on web design in Lebanon can vary from one client to another depending on the size and type of the project.  We usually try to get a complete understanding of the project before we begin to make the work easier on both our web designers and the clients.

Some steps for planning a successful web design.

Define Target Audience:
It is important for us to find answers to questions such as:
-Who visits the website and what time?
-Which area in Lebanon they visit us from?
-Why would the people visiting Lebanon, or living in Lebanon visit the site or prefer one design over another?

Do some research to find a group of inspirational collections:
Visit sites designed in Lebanon as well as foreign websites. It is always good to see what competitors have in order to know what you should and do and sometimes what you shouldn’t.

Goals and Objectives:

-Make sure to help your clients set their goals for example one goal can be, bringing a large number of visits to the site and generating leads.

-Set Objectives – communication, awareness, motivation, education, etc.

Recommend a Budget:
We take into consideration the number of hours which needs to be devoted for the project. What needs to be done first and what can be done on a later stage.

Define Responsibilities and Roles:
From concept, design, content writing and development to SEO.

There are over 4,545,007 people in Lebanon and more than two billion people worldwide using the Internet as a major source of information, and their first opinion of your company will come from your website. You have not more than 7 seconds to make that first impression, therefore your web design is more important than ever. Let our web design company help you make the best out of these 7 seconds.

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