Pay Per Click ( PPC)

Pay Per Click (PPC) Services

Successful Pay per click (PPC) campaigns bring high returns and brand-building opportunities.

Pay per Click (PPC) campaigns along with the Search Engine Optimization process is a keystone in strengthening your business.

With over 9 years of experience in PPC Management and serving companies all over the world, we have the knowledge and expertise to help our clients to get the utmost returns for advertising investment. Online Marketing Campaigns will be held on Google, Yahoo Search, MSN, etc. We also have customized Pay-Per-Click management services for other major search engines.

To ensure better rankings to our clients, we implement the following PPC management procedures:

Complete Website Analysis

Every business knows the value of distinction, and every business strives to be represented in a unique way that would appeal to its targeted market. Therefore, it becomes significant to set up a PPC management campaign devised especially for your requirements, and your online expectations which would surely promote sales and profit.

At Besiders, we know the importance of Website analysis, so we meticulously study your site, the products and services you provide. We also analyze your business model, your competitors, and the goals you have for your website. We research your target market, your competitors and the cutting edge trends that drive online traffic and sales. The gathered information is used to display your trade in the best possible way that would increase sales and strengthen your website marketing strategies and deliverables.

Keyword Research & Selection

For a successful Pay-Per-Click campaign, keywords have to be cautiously chosen. Following an extensive research and analysis of your business, we determine what key phrases your targeted audience is typing into the search engines. To make visitors click on your ad we’ll create Pay Per Click ad copy, that incorporates the most relevant keywords.

It is thus clear, that our main goal is to increase the number of visitors by using valuable keywords and maximizing your business exposure on the web.

Creating PPC Ads

Creating Ads for a PPC campaign is not a simple process, it needs competence, expertise and specialization. Our experts will create attractive descriptions of your products/services with relevant keywords and search phrases.

Placing Bids

After extensively analyzing your account, we carefully determine the bids, keeping in mind your budget and other parameters of the PPC management campaign. Bids on keywords mostly depend on your monthly budget and Pay-Per-Click goals.

Monitoring of Campaigns

We regularly check your Pay-Per-Click campaigns. We monitor and keep track of:

-Keywords that are bringing quality traffic

-Keywords, Ad titles and Descriptions that lead to conversion

-Suspicious clicks

-Keywords and Ads that are driving traffic without leading to conversions

Pay-Per-Click Bid Management

We monitor Bid amounts on a daily basis and it is increased or decreased as per the requirements.

We also manage your bid amount to make sure it is not exceeding your budget.

PPC Management Campaign Progress Reports

We send weekly and monthly reports which illustrate the performance of the Pay-Per-Click campaign.

The report includes the following:

– Conversions-

-Cost Per Conversion

-Relevant keywords

-Bid reports and changes made in the bid amount

-The weekly campaign cost

Re-casting of Pay-Per-Click Ads and Keywords

We always monitor keywords and ads to spot their performance in the PPC management campaign. The keywords that are not making good results of Pay-Per-Click Ads and Keywords are replaced with other more appropriate keywords, and ads are tweaked accordingly. We constantly update bid amounts to maintain leading positions.

Campaign ROI Analysis

In order to maximize your ROI, we conduct effective PPC. Hence we evaluate and analyze your website’s conversions weekly. Through our website analysis we determine what is working for you and what is not.

How We Boost Performance

Negative Keyword Management

The best way to avoid wasted money is to manage negative keywords.

Check Ad Positions and Manage Bids

To make sure you’re claiming the best places in search. Your Ad position can have a big impact on the results of your campaigns.

Pause the Worst Performers

Our team will watch for Good and Bad Performers. We’ll make sure to pause the keywords which hasn’t contributed to your KPIs.


Communication with clients and team. A month-check is very important.

Keyword Trends

These trends can open doors to new campaigns you may not have thought of before.

Landing Page Review

We check for weak performing landing pages that can be removed in order to devote more traffic to top performing pages.
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