A tailored Search Engine Optimization solution depending on your budget and your needs.

Besiders is a full-services digital agency. Our SEO service has proven ability to maximize web traffic. We specialize in enhancing search engine rankings, and increasing leads as well as sales for large and small businesses…

How We Work


We take a comprehensive look at your website, searching for any possible issues that could be affecting your search engine rankings. Our SEO specialists will asses and provide an SEO report of your website’s current status as well as a recommendation of what needs to be done to enhance its performance.


We have access to far more resources and far more potential than ever before. Our team will present a strategy with recommended modifications on the site for a better user experience to help increase conversion rates.

Analysis & Evaluation

We have multiple tools to analyze a website status and performance.


With each update to Google’s search algorithm, approaches to keyword research become outdated. Our SEO team will provide you with a thorough list of keyword suggestions to help you target the right audience.


Updated Onsite and Offsite optimization techniques. Our SEO specialists will work on keyword placement where possible on the site along with recommendations of any needed changes. Additionally we work on linking other sites to your website to create natural traffic.


We provide monthly analytics and Rankings reports for our clients. We will work on providing you with recommendations to constantly increase your website’s performance.

Who Needs SEO?

  • Anyone who wants to rank high in SERP (search engine result page)
  • Anyone who likes to beat competitors
  • Anyone who wants more website visitors
  • Anyone who sells or offers services and products
  • Anyone who wants more sales and better ROI

Why Hire Us?

18 Years of Experience!

Since opening its doors to service in Lebanon on 1999, Besiders does thorough researches to come up with the best procedures that would provide every business with good search engine ranking and pave way for them to blossom online and succeed.  In line with our goal to satisfy our clients,

Our dedicated team, which is composed of experts in SEO, guarantee to deliver only the best. Because of these qualities, the company has gained great regard from our long list of clients.  At this, we are confident at saying that our SEO campaign tops where online marketing is concerned.

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