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General SEO FAQs

What is Content Optimization Enhancements?

What are `spiders` and why are they on my website?

What are Meta Keywords? Tags? Do I need them?

Meta tags on the other hand are HTML codes inserted into the header of your site’s web page. Meta tags are actually description tags for the search engines. Other meta tags include meta http-equiv tag, meta refresh tag, meta copyright tag, meta robots tag, meta author tag, etc. All these meta tags are not seen by the users but you certainly need them because they tell the search engines their exact location inside your site when it performs a search. It also provides concise information and data to the search engines.

Meta tags are important elements of SEO. You can have your SEO professionals do the tough job of optimizing your meta tags.

I like the look of my website, why do I need to optimize it?

What are the benefits of conducting an On-Site SEO? Off-Site SEO?

What is On-Site SEO?

Optimization of on-site features in your website and the pages of your site will make your site easy to be indexed or found by the web’s search computer programs. On-site SEO is like making and providing a street map of your website so that search engines will find it easy to check the validity and relevance of the information contained in your site. At Besiders, we complete first the process of On-Site SEO to be geared up for Off-site SEO

What is the difference between an Organic SEO vs. Paid SEO?

A well-planned and carefully evaluated SEO campaign can place your site on the top rank position and at the same time get listed in non-organic or sponsored results, increasing your presence and visibility.

How are you able to accomplish all this?

Do I need to know a lot about computers to use this service?

Why wasn’t my website initially optimized for better search results by my web design team?

Your web developer may be the best that you can afford but do not blame them for not optimizing your site. Web developers are trained to design or create websites that are attractive, meaningful, active and able to communicate to your target viewers. In more simple words, your web designers’ most basic job is to give you presence in the worldwide web. But remember that there are millions, perhaps, billions of other websites that co-exist with yours. Thus, you must make your presence felt by the search engines and the users.

Though your web designers can do things to improve your site’s performance, they do not have the expertise and technical know-how of creating web awareness in the context of SEO. Do not blame your web developers. They did their job well. The optimization of your site is beyond the scope of their professional training and industry. At Besiders, we have a pool of experts that can help your site be search engine optimized.

Why does my site show up well in search results, but not for the keywords I want?

Will the results be stable on a long-term basis?

What is “Link juice”? Do I need it for my website?

What are the most used Search Engines?

What is Link Building and how does it help me?

What are my site rankings dependent on?

Why do websites need to be optimized?

Studies have shown that about half of the daily internet traffic is taken up by users who are searching for items or services to avail. Only about 20% of them get to visit the second listed site of the search results page. So if you’re selling something on your site, surely you want your site to be listed first and you can only do that through search engine optimization.

How do Search Engines Work?

1) Index data, specially the keywords from the content, title and headers, available media of pages as well as page’s relation to other pages. Indexing is like making a road map around the maze of the World Wide Web. Search engines need to index all the information so they can efficiently perform searches rather than go around the Internet every time a query is sent.

2) Keep a database of the indexed information by performing regular crawls on the Internet. Different search engines conduct regular crawls on the Internet at different intervals, depending on how many spiders the search engine has. (Spiders, also called robots are computer programs that index the information.)

3) When a search is performed, the user usually types words or phrases of the information he wants to know. The search engine will then look on its database and return to the user a list of sites or pages that has the information needed by the user. This list is called the Search Engine Results Page or SERP.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and why do I need it?

Is my website relevant? How do Search engines evaluate my relevancy score?

It is important to note that search engines change its ranking algorithms from time to time in an attempt to give back to the user the most relevant information. Hence, it would not be surprising to find out that a site ranking on top today may get buried deep in the results page the next day. This makes SEO extremely important to maintain or obtain competitive advantage.

Why are some websites listed higher than others?

What is XML Sitemap Setup?

General SEO FAQs

What is the cost of SEO?

SEO is the most advanced and reasonably priced method of advertising your website or business which will prosper and turn in great earning or income in short period of time. As compared with other methods of advertising the prices are relatively very low always. You can check our packages online, or request a free consultation.

Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing are very cost-effective judged against further types of promotion and publicity. There is no requirement to waste a wealthy amount of money in achieving optimization for your site. For a moderately little charge, it can radically revolutionize your trade.

You can also read our SEO page for full description of our SEO services

What if I can't write well for my website?

Our SEO counselors can amplify your website position and sequentially produce enhanced quality sales leads and larger prospects to discover you on the web.
We at Besiders assist the entire clientele not considering their locality. Red Besiders SEO advisory will aid you achieve consideration. We’ll also enlarge your customer base by serving go round guests into regular clientele through successful search engine promotion. Allow us to facilitate you in achieving your web site the interest its worthy of.

Am I stuck into a monthly SEO agreement?

However we always recommend you to stay with us since every now and then, things change on the web. So it is essential to move along with SEO companies who are well aware of the changes since you would never want to lose your rank.

Do you only work for Lebanese and Middle East based SEO clients?

How does Besiders choose the best keywords?

After a collection of keywords is made, each keyword is researched using online tools to see the volume and quality of traffic each keyword can possibly bring to your site. Based on the data gathered, we can then form a combination of keywords which we hypothetically think as best for your site. After the chosen keywords are optimized, we will continuously measure the performance it is delivering and refine the keyword if necessary.

Can I promote multiple keywords at the same time?

Why might I need extra elements added to my website?

Is this the same as Off-Site optimization?

What do you mean by Search Engine submission?

However, URL submissions do not affect your sites ranking ratings. SEO must still be done. We at Besiders are like hitting two birds with one stone. We practice search engine submission in the context of SEO not only for optimization benefits but also for long-term benefits.

What is the guarantee of providing a no.1 ranking?

Which Search Engines do you optimize for?

A thorough SEO focuses on only one search engine’s requirement and behavior. Normally, at Besiders, we optimize website for Google, Yahoo and Bing. These three search engines rule over 95% of all search-related inquiries .

What are the benefits of Keyword researching?

As an expert in SEO, we will do keyword research for you. We will check the keywords for each page in your site that you want to get indexed by major search engines and see its competitive performance. Hence, we will help you decide the best keywords to use in capturing the maximum web traffic you can get through the keywords you use.


How can I track the progress of my website traffic?

Can I measure the growth of my business or is it a one - time thing?

How do I know if the SEO conducted on my website is working?

How will I know if the business growth is a result of the top rankings in SERPs?

Getting Started

Why Besiders ?

What is the purpose of the activation fee?

What if I only have limited funds?

We are positive that you will agree with our pricing upon seeing your business or site name in the spotlight of all the search engine results pages.

Will we require access to your Web Server?

Be Cautious! Watch Out for these Important Considerations!

What are to be considered in a site submission package? What aspects should I be mindful of?

Sounds amazing and inviting! But don’t be deceived. First of all, out of the top 10-20 accredited search engines out there, you only need to submit your site to maybe eight (and even that is fairly generous). Secondly, no one can guarantee number of hits and that is an unfortunate reality. It is impossible to promise such result, especially on the first day. Only the large and well-established sites with extremely deep content get 14000+ hits a day.

Do not be afraid, there are still SEO consultants who are ethical and honest such as the Besiders. The ad that we found (Yes, that ad is a real one. No joke!) is undoubtly unethical, devious, and completely misleading.

How come that most of the top listed pages often lack content?

Natural links are those that are added by website owners to their websites because of its relevance to what they are trying to build. This is often done by Bloggers and people on forum threads. To create such links for you website to give your website the link juice it needs is part of our SEO campaign. With this campaign, together with the proper optimization of your Meta tags, and several helpful techniques for your websites to gain real contents, you can surely rank on top of on the search engine results pages.

I submitted my own site by myself but it is not showing up in search engine results pages. Is it being penalized?

The site you submitted is not necessarily penalized or banned everytime it doesn’t show up in search engines. As long as the site does not contain deceptive qualities, it will not be penalized. However, if there are no links pointing to it from other sites or if it is not optimized for specific key word phrases, all the submissions in the world won’t get your site listed nor will it gain search engine traffic. Mostly, devious SEO organizations will apply unethical process and continuously submit your site to search engines to try to get to the top of the search engine results pages. But this will eventually cause blacklisting of your site or worse, penalization by search engines.

This makes it important to hire an accredited SEO professional to do the optimization of your site.

Is it possible to know the extent of traffic my competitor site receives?

Some SEO companies are claiming that they have special relations with the search engines. Is it really true?

How should I get started?

Why is it important to sign a contract?

Besiders will outline the extensive areas of development that we promise to conduct as part of the SEO package to boost your site in Search Engines.


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